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R. v T.R.

2020, Superior Court of Justice, Toronto

Sexual Assault


Acquitted of all charges after trial.

2021, Newmarket Court, York Region

Domestic Assault


All charges withdrawn.

2021, 1000 Finch Court, Toronto 

Domestic Assault


All charges withdrawn. 

2021, Newmarket Court, York Region

Domestic Assault


All charges withdrawn.

2020, College Park Court, Toronto



All charges withdrawn. 

R. v D.D.

R. v Y.R.

R. v R.C.

R. v D.M.


R v D.D.

R v Y.R.

R v R.C.

R v D.M.


Mr. Motevalli was very kind, considerate, knowledgeable and understanding. He explained every step and helped see me thru the whole process. I would highly recommend him. He sees people for who they are and not what they are charged with.


Mr. Motevalli and his team were amazing. He treated me respectfully and even though my outcome didn't look so good, in the end he was able to get my charges dropped. Thanks to him I was able to stay in Canada. Thank you for everything!


It is with absolutely gratitude that I write this review, if not for Mr. Motevalli my case would have left me with a criminal record but he worked incredibly hard to ensure that didn't happen. I wouldn't hesitate to refer Mr. Motevalli to anyone looking for legal counsel.


Mr. Motevalli was awesome, non judgmental, confident, supportive and patient. Best of all straight up and aggressive handling my legal issue. Highly recommended. .


When I was arrested, Mr. Motevalli was there within hours to bail me out. He met with my friends and family to prepare for my bail hearing and I was released shortly after thanks to him. He dealt with all of us professionally and with great respect. 

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