Driving Under Influence (DUI)

DUI, Impaired, Over 80, Refuse/Fail to Provide

Have you been charged with a DUI? Call us today!

At Motevalli Law Group we have successfully defended many clients charged with Impaired, Over 80, and Refuse/Fail to provide charges.

DUI law is a technical and every changing area of law. This can work for and against the accused. An experienced DUI lawyer will help you navigate the criminal justice system and obtain the best possible outcome.

Interlock Eligibility

The Ignition Interlock Program allows eligible drivers convicted of a first-time alcohol-impaired driving offence under the Criminal Code to reduce their licence suspension in return for meeting specific requirements, such as the mandatory installation of an approved ignition interlock device in their vehicle. To find out whether you are eligible contact us today!

Back on Track Program

Back on Track is an educational program for people who have committed an impaired driving offence in Ontario. The program was created in 1998 to help people learn to separate drinking and other drug use from driving. Contact Motevalli Law Group today for more information.

A criminal record may have crippling affect on your employment. At Motevalli Law Group we have provided expert representation to a variety of clients, ranging from financial advisors, construction workers, hospital staff and even students. If you have been charged with a DUI offence you will need expert representation with a proven track record of success. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and case review.

Recent Success

R. v M.H.

2015, Toronto

Charge: Careless Driving, Fail to Remain

Result: All charges withdrawn.

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Life happened and I had to call someone at 3 am – only person to answer and he answered so promptly I thought I was talking to a voicemail.

- Sam H.

Excellent service, in the beginning I didn’t know what to think. I would definitely recommend Hossein Motevalli. All charges against me were withdrawn after a 6 day trial was scheduled!

- Lewis L

I was extremely nervous when I was originally charged. Mr. Hossein Motevalli went to all my court dates and was able to have all charges against me withdrawn before trial.

- Gordin M.

I’ve been in and out of court half my life represented by numerous lawyers who were just doing their jobs until I walked into Mr. Hossein Motevalli’s office.

- Ben P.

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