Lawyer Hossein Motevalli and his colleagues were very professional throughout the whole case. I appreciated their honesty and effort to ensure the best outcome based on the severity of my charges. I definitely recommend using this firm.

Danny W.
Toronto 2017

I met Mr. Hossein Motevalli when he represented a family member dealing with a very sensitive legal matter. I was very impressed with his professionalism, experience and keen attention to detail. He explained the process and set out potential outcomes. The overall experience was so pleasant that I immediately reached out to him a year later while dealing with a personal legal matter. Once again Mr. Motevalli proved his commitment to representing his client by going above and beyond to deliver the best possible service. I would certainly recommend Mr. Motevalli to friends and family. Thank you for your support and professionalism, continue the great work!

Edward G.
Toronto 2017

I really appreciate you and I’m very happy with your service. You were somehow able to drop the charges against me. You are a fantastic lawyer, the very best! Thanks again!

Sarah A.
Toronto 2017

Upon discussing my situation with Mr. Hossein Motevalli, he was able to lay out details for different strategies in approaching my case. By doing that he gave me a lot of comfort realizing that I am in control of the outcome of my case. At that point I knew I had teamed up with a knowledgeable and capable lawyer. Subsequently, Mr. Motevalli was able to deliver on his strategy and I am very grateful not just by the results, but also by knowing that I have a brilliant criminal lawyer I can comfortably trust.

Allen V.
Toronto 2017

When I was charged with sexual assault my first Toronto lawyer told me the evidence against me was very strong and that I should accept a plea bargain. That is when I met with Mr. Hossein Motevalli. He told me not to plea guilty and rather to take my case to trial. I hired Mr. Motevalli and he represented me at trial. After a two day trial, I was found not guilty of sexual assault. Mr. Motevalli won the case which my previous lawyer wanted me to plea guilty to. I would recommend Mr. Motevalli to anyone needing a lawyer for sexual assault. He is professional, hard working and his team will work together to prove your innocence

Rashawn J.
Toronto 2017

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